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I have been working professionally with email deliverability for over 20 years. I will use my vast experience with email to improve your results with e-mail.

Ways I can Help

I know how to get e-mail into the inbox and how to fix all the deliverability issues you may have.
E-Mail Authentication
One of the most important components of sending e-mail the right way is having all authentication mechanisms in place. I will have your SPF, DKIM, and DMARC configuration and deployment made right.
Blacklist Removals
Removing your IP or domain from a blacklist may not be easy. Each blacklist has its own criteria and if you don't work on the cause you could be blacklisted again. I have tons of experience in the process of blacklist removal.
E-mail Server Configuration
If you have your own sending servers and the configuration is not right, you will have problems delivering your emails for almost all e-mail providers. I configured hundreds of servers and I will help configure yours. 
Analysis and Strategy
Having your e-mail practices and campaigns analyzed is the first step to great results with e-mail. I will give you a complete report about your e-mail program and say what would be your next steps to make it better.
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